Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Down Syndrome- Various Degrees

I have been thinking about this lately and so I have decided to write a post about it. Most people believe that when a child has Down Syndrome that they are all alike. They are not because they are individuals that have their own character and problems. There are different degrees of Down's. In Shannon's case she has a mild type. Although they do have facial characteristics that are alike like the shape of the eyes their faces are individual. Some Down's children have heart conditions and have had to have surgery. Shannon had two holes in her heart when she was born but we were blessed that they closed up on their own without surgery. I know that some people assume that they are all heavyset. Shannon is not and so far she does not have to wear glasses. She does have hypothyroidism and she has to have her blood work checked periodically, ( which she does not like ). The one thing that they all have in common is their capacity for love. Everyone that Shannon comes into contact with says hello to her ( the ones that don't know her ). Or they will say hey Shannon ( the ones that do know her ). That girl knows more people than I do. When she comes to me and tell me "I ove you "and gives me a kiss she just makes me feel so great inside. She has just recently learned how to say her own name. She can be stubborn also but she gets it honestly.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Potted Meat

Shannon recently has acquired the taste for potted meat. She knows that she can go to the pantry and get it and open it. She likes to eat it with a spoon. Yesterday she had gotten her a can of potted meat and opened it and she started hollering and come running to me. She had gotten the opening ring stuck on her finger and couldn't get it off. I thought it was kind of funny. She wasn't to happy having that lid stuck on her finger. I got it off of her and she went on to eat her potted meat. I personally don't see how she can eat it like that but she likes it. That girl can eat and eat and not gain any weight from it. I wish it would wear off on me. I have lost 10 pounds though.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Early Intervention

I had someone email me and asking how to get your child on Early Intervention. You start by going to your health dept or states rehab center. If for some reason you can't find it or get a number for it. You are more than welcome to email me directly and I will help from this end. This is why I started this blog to help and get information out. I pray that anyone with a Down Syndrome child have a blessed day because you surely have been blessed by God with this wonderful child. If there is anything else you have questions about please leave a comment and I will respond.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Day at the Mardi Gras Parade

It is Tuesday and it is Mardi Gras!
Our day starts off at 8 am when we have to get up and get dress because we are going to the Mardi Gras parade in Biloxi at 1 pm. We get dressed and leave to go to Wal Mart to get some snacks. Shannon's brother and wife and son are going with us but in their car. We meet at Wal mart and by the time we get gas and everything it is close to 10 am. We get to Biloxi about 11 am to get a good parking spot and you should have seen the traffic. It was unreal bumper to bumper.
We finally get there and got a great spot only to find out from this lady passing by that the parade was not going to go by where we at. Well pulled our cooler and walked down the road a liitle bit and foung another good spot right close to city hall. We had to wait until 1p before the parade and the kids were already getting tired of standing not to mention me.
They had the roads barricaded so you could not get to the floats close by which was good in a way no one got ran over. The parade is starting and Shannon does want to wave her arms to get anything at first butshe got the hang of it real fast. She was jumping up and down and waving them arms like a pro.
The parade lasted for two hours and by the time it was over we had two grocery bags full and mine and Shannon's neck was loaded down with beads. We left there and went to my daughter in laws parents house so that we could rest and take a bathroom break and wait to leave to go to the night parade which started at 5:30 pm.
The night parade was not going to be as long as the day parade but it had cooled off and was damp and the roads were not barricaded. We parked there right at the road in parking spots and let the tail gate down on the truck to sit on and to stand on to catch the beads. When the parade was over we had gotten another bag full of beads.
We left to go home and Shannon fell asleep on the way. We had put in a long day and she was tired. We got home a little after 8 pm and they got a bath and went to bed. It was a fantastic day and when we asked Shannon if she had fun she says yeah.