Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I remember when Shannon was not even a year old and it took a long time in her learning how to just sit up. When you have a handicapped child there is a program called The Early Intervention in which they work with your child up till they are 3 years old. Then your child will start going to a regular elementary school in which they have special classes for handicapped children. They have speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy come in and work with your child. Shannon has a sister that is a year older than her so she had great motivation in wanting to get around. When the workers from the early intervention program would start a new area to work on Shannon would do it on her own with our help until she could do it on her own. It takes a down syndrome child longer to be able to do the things that normal children would do. We were tickled just to see her sitting up on her own. She had to learn about eating with a spoon and drinking from a cup which is working fine motor skills. It took a long time in her to master her skills but when she did she was happy and we were happy also. When it came to learning how to stand and walk once she she mastered that then she was running. Even now when I see her running I get tickled because she doesn't run like everyone else but she does run and it is funny to watch her. She is now starting to talk a little more but I remember when she was younger she would get up on the kitchen table and point her finger at me and her daddy and just jabber away. I told my husband that I wonder what she was saying but it might be better for her that we didn't. We treat Shannon just like we do out other daughter. She is very smart she might not be able to read but she knows which movies she likes to watch. I think she goes by the picture on the case. She loves anything with music and dancing in it. I guess this enough for one day.


Monday, October 29, 2007

My Daughter Shannon

Shannon was born on May 21 1998 and my husband and I had no idea that anything was wrong with her. After the pediatrician examined her it was determined that 1. she had down syndrome, 2. she had 2 holes in her heart. 3. they thought she had leukemia, 4. she was born 2 weeks early and she couldn't eat without turning blue. She was sent to Womens and Childrens hospital in Mobile Alabama to receive treatment. After several blood tests and bone biopsy it was determined that she did not have leukemia but had what they called Transient Myloproliferative Disorder in which you have numerous amount of immature white blood cells but after awhile she started to produce mature white blood cells but we still have to monitor that because they said that later in life it could develop into leukemia. By the time that she was a year old the holes in her heart closed on their own. After 2 weeks in the hospital she was able to eat a certain amount in a certain amount of time. Through all the problems and tests that she had she maintained a smiling and loving dispostion. She is my heart, my angel, and my inspiration. This is all for today.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Down Syndrome Child

I know that everyone at one time or another has seen a down syndrome child. Maybe have one in their family or knows someone that does. I just want to say from experience that a down syndrome child is one of the most lovable people in the world. I sometimes think about my daughter Shannon would I want her to be a normal child without the difficulties that she has?
I would have to say no I would not her to be a so called normal child in the fact that she would not be who she is now and I love her the way she is. This site was created for her. I wanted to share what it is like being her mother, and also if anyone has questions I can answer from my experiences. This is a short to start with but I will have plenty to say about her. So keep in touch.